Google Fred Targeted Thin Content And Advertisement Heavy Sites

Google confirmed rolling out Fred update and also said that more information on the update can be drawn from its webmaster guidelines. But a SEO toolset data collection company Sistrix revealed more information about the update. It compiled a detailed report after reviewing more than 300 websites from different countries to study impact of the update.

The report revealed startling facts about the update. Sites with low value content were hit and they lost their visibility from 50% to 90% in SEPRs. Traffic also dropped due to poor visibility but the webmasters were unaware about what made their sites lose rank, visibility and traffic. And it all happened after 13 March 2017, when the Fred was rolled out.

Fed hit sites were advertisement heavy and had little content for the viewers. Also the content quality was very poor to make any value for the readers and the sites. Advertisements published were either banner ads or AdSense campaigns. Google again showed that it values content and that it won’t tolerate sites that don’t publish quality content.

Juan Gonzalex studied websites from Google USA, UK, Germany and Spain and Juan found that all the losers had similar reasons that are very thin and low value content and heavy advertisements.