Ethical SEO Services / White Label SEO Services

Search engine optimization (SEO) involves a comprehensive process of numerous activities, which are often over complicated and shrouded in secrecy. Gleaming Media demystify the process and focus our efforts on the areas that make a significant impact. Many of our clients come to us having tried and failed to optimize their sites either themselves or by working with external SEO agencies. In our experience, more often than not the basics have been overlooked.

Website Architecture/Accessibility/Usability

Website content should be accessible, easy to find and easy to use. Poor usability results in lower conversion ratios and certainly from the perspective of lead generation or e-commerce sites should be considered paramount. One of Gleaming Media’s key differentiates is that we consider usability to be integral to most search engine optimization projects. We consult our clients proposing improvements, which can make a dramatic difference to revenues.

From a search engine perspective accessibility is key. Search engines are effectively huge databases, which store web pages. If a site has factors preventing it from being indexed by search engines it will never return results let alone first page results. Many things could cause these issues, from server side configuration, characteristics of design; the information architecture and long complicated URL‘s, which prevent the search engine spiders indexing content. As a SEO Marketing Agency India we will work with you to identify the optimal site structure and configuration to promote accessibility. We will modify the website architecture to improve human usability and to facilitate spider ability to crawl and index the deepest and farthest sections of your site.


On page content needs to be keyword rich and highly relevant to the keywords you want to rank for. Content should be updated regularly and should add value to the user experience. This does not mean that a site should have huge amounts of static content pages or that the ‘look and feel’ of a site needs to be compromised. What it does mean however is that factors such as an over reliance on graphics for textual presentation, certain content generation techniques and poor html formatting should be avoided wherever possible. Factors such as these can result in a site or page not giving off a strong enough signal of relevancy to the words and phrases being targeted.

Gleaming Media’s SEO team will analyze your site in detail to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the content. We will optimize your site’s current content while our content writers will develop fresh new content to be integrated onto the site. This process dramatically improves and enhances the relevancy of site content to the keywords being targeted.


In their attempt to return relevant results for keyword searches, search engines try to gauge sites credibility. Some of the factors considered by the engines such as the age of the domain or previous ranking history cannot be influenced through search engine optimization (SEO).

One of the most important factors the search engine considers is the number of inbound links a site or page has from third party sites. As an example if your site’s core content is related to lighting if you have numerous links to your site from other sites whose content is related to interior design, lighting technology or home furnishing the search engine will identify these relationships along with the sites which link to them.

As a SEO Agency India we works to build highly credible links from directories, news sites, social media sites and other third party sites to improve your websites credibility and provide your business with a competitive edge, which will result in higher rankings traffic and revenues.