Best SEO Strategy For 2021

Optimizing website is a technical job but it needs more than understanding of search engine guidelines to optimize a website. An SEO has to be a good writer so that he can make a difference to his website.

Search engine optimization is still the only way of achieving high page ranks but the way websites were optimized in preceding years is changed. Content is still the king but it should be genuine, informative, readable and interesting to the targeted audiences.

Keep content in mind when making SEO strategy. Google had become quite sensitive towards content and this is evident from the Google updates that determine quality of content. The Panda update left even the most experienced SEOs guessing about what mistakes they made in assessing Google. Let’s discuss important elements of SEO.

Meta tags, title tags and URL

Website optimization starts with writing SEO friendly meta, title and URL. The meta, title and URL must contain keywords but the writer should avoid stuffing the keywords. Ideally the meta and title content should be written with customers in mind and the content should contain keywords. Similarly the URL should be made search friendly.


It is the second most important SEO element after meta, title and URL. The content should be unique and genuine. It should be presentable and informative. Google gives value to quality content. But the content should be written using keywords. It is where Google recognizes value of content. Keyword rich content gets more marks and keyword stuffed content is punished. It is where an SEO agency India has an advantage over others.

Generate organic links

Informative content that is interesting as well can help in generating quality back-links. Off Page SEO can make a difference to rank of a website. Google still gives value to back-links. A back-link is taken as a vote for a website. But the link should come from a relevant platform and not from a link farm. It is where Google has become strict with websites. Earlier links were bought but now sale of links is stopped.

Hire the best SEO company

Get knowledge on how to do SEO and find a SEO company that has the knowledge and the talent needed to provide the service. It won’t be possible for you do to SEO on your website on your own and the only thing you can do for your website is hiring the best company.

SEO services India are reliable. Join hands with an Indian SEO company and see your website moving up on the search engine ladder. Soon your website will reach at the top of search engine result page and you will start getting targeted visitors to your website.