12 Powerful Strategies to Get Traffic from Google Discover

Google helps people to update about their interests without any specific search. You have many options in Google Discover to choose your category and find every news time-to-time regarding your need on Google App. In short, Google Discover is the user’s curated and personalized content feed.

How Google Discover Works?

Google launched Google Discover in September 2018 to recommend relevant content to mobile users only.

As a Google user, when you search for something, Google identifies your interest areas from the Google database and shows the same type of content automatically when you revisit the app.

Google Discover is artificial intelligence, specially made for providing fast and quality content. The results would change on Google Discover as per your searches and interests.

How to Optimize a Website for Google Discover?

If you can create high-quality content with proper SEO practices, your website, YouTube channel, or blog page can enter to Google Discover. Unlike Google’s search engine, keyword optimization is not enough to get a position on Google Discover.

12 Tips for Getting Traffic from Google Discover by Gleaming Media

You can follow the 12 best tips to show your content on Google Discover quickly:

#1 Develop Mobile-Friendly Website:

Nowadays, the mobile user experience of a website is becoming a very essential and common key factor to get a higher rank on Google search and Google Discover. You can’t ignore this step because Google Discover only works for mobile users. You need to focus on a responsive and faster website without popups or ads.

#2 Create Interesting, Informative, and Quality Content:

Find out what the user wants from you. If you give value to your audience by providing them with informative and interesting content, Google Discover likes your website. You can write on the latest trending niche with some strong points.

For example, you write your local area’s news with complete research and fact, so Google Discover shows this news to your local area.

#3 Be Consistent in Your Content Category:

Be consistent in the category you choose to create content. For example, today, you write about a movie and post it on your website. And the next day, you create content for a political party. Then, Google Discover won’t decide your category, and your content will never come to Google Discover.

That’s why first of all, choose a topic that you have a lot of experience in and keep creating your content in the same category. Post everyday on that particular category to make your place in Google Discover.

#4 Use Unique Images and Videos with Good Quality:

Beware of using copy or duplicate images on your website. Always try to use unique images and videos on your web pages. You should optimize your images with ideal image size, filename, alt tag, and description.

Google Discover also notices the attention and interaction of the audience. Images and videos help to attract more people to your website.

#5 Publish Your Content on Popular Topics:

People search more for those topics which are popular. So try to write about such topic that would be popular, which has become a topic of discussion these days and people want to gather as much information as possible about it.

The trending topic helps you drive millions of traffic to your website in a short period. But keep in mind that your category should be the same.

#6 Adhere with Copyrights:

Google is very strict with its copyright policies. You must follow all of Google’s rules to get the chance in the Google Discover feature.

Movies, videos, music, images, software, and other’s articles can be causes of Google Copyrights violation. So be careful and don’t be the reason for copyright violating.

#7 Make Sure Your Website is Indexable:

Crawling is a vital factor in search engine optimization. If your page is crawled and indexed, Google knows about your content indent. Make sure your web pages are crawlable, and Google bot can index them easily. Then your content will be eligible to appear in Google Discover.

#8 Reduce Sponsored or Advertising Content:

If you wish to rank your content on Google Discover, you need to reduce sponsored and advertising content from your website. Since advertising content creates a bad user experience and slows down your site.

This game of Google Discover is all about user experience and informative content. So don’t use any promotional content pages on the website.

#9 Build the Trust:

No one can win without gaining audience trust in any field. Building trust among the audience is key to success for organic search results and the Google Discover position. Since today’s audience has become very smart. So you must be honest with your content work.

You can use social media channels to build your content trust. You get lots of improvement ideas when people engage with you. They may like, share or comment on your post, and slowly you generate social signals to increase your content popularity.

#10. Website UX and AMP Optimization:

You can use AMP (Accelerated mobile pages) to improve your website speed on the mobile platform, and Google Discover love quick loading website. Due to website AMP optimization, your content is ensured quickly in people’s mobile, and they don’t have to wait for it.

It should always be your endeavor that the website gets loaded on mobile within 5 seconds so that people can get a good user experience.

#11 Be Transparent With Audience:

Google prefers that resources with providing complete and clear data like about the author, publish date, infographics, contact numbers, Email id, or any videos. If you publish your content with facts and data, Google Discover can show your content to the interested users.

Transparency with the audience is very necessary. So, take your time and do complete research before posting any content on your website.

#12 Get the Support from Digital Marketing Agencies:

If you can’t handle all these above points, you should contact an experienced digital marketing agency in India. With the help of skillful professionals, you can get better results for Google Discover. Digital marketing companies are already working on Google Discover for a long-time, and they know very well how to get results for their clients.


Finally, we want to say you focus on 2 major points: Number 1. Content – Your content should be unique, well researched, trending, and copyright-free. And 2. Website User Experience – Good hosting server, compress images/videos, reduce unwanted JavaScript, HTML, and CSS code, use AMP, follow Google web vital. We hope that the above suggestions will help get your content ranked in Google Discover.